Who We Are

In our practice, we are defined by a passion for good communication with patients and effective, science-driven therapy leading to holistic healing.

Acoustic Compression is a service of DBC Natural Holistic Health Care, a holistic, science-driven practice where we work with patients to create a lifestyle of wellbeing rather than simply managing the symptoms of disease. We have been in practice in the Grand Rapids, MI area for over 25 years, and were one of the first adopters of Acoustic Compression in North America. We've been so pleased with the results we have already seen in our patients, and look forward to continuing to spread the word about the exciting healing possibilities of this new therapy.

Our Technicians

About Acoustic Compression - Lukas

Lukas den Boer, BS

About Acoustic Compression - Blake

Blake Diephouse, BS, CSCS

Our Acoustic Compression technicians are highly trained and experienced in Acoustic Compression therapy, having seen hundreds of patients in thousands of Acoustic Compression sessions. As Acoustic Compression is a cutting-edge technology, no official degree yet exists for Acoustic Compression therapists. However, all our therapists are formally schooled in physiology and anatomy and have been extensively trained by our DBC physicians. We have also keep close track of current research on Acoustic Compression therapy so as to use the most current and advanced methods and understanding. At DBC, we understand that each patient is unique, and so we take a very dynamic approach to treatment, recommending not only more and more treatments on an affected area but working with the patient to discover and resolve the root cause of their symptoms.

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